Protocol Testing Suite

Tagformance Software Suites

Protocol Testing Suite Measurement Functions

Using the Protocol Testing Suite, arbitrary commands within and beyond the EPC Gen2 protocol can be sent to the tag. Created custom commands can be saved to the commands list to make them available every time you open the software. The received answers can be analyzed visually and decoded with the interpret tool.

Use Cases:

  • Investigate how your tag responds to proprietary custom commands
  • See the timing and waveforms of the tag responses; test the write time
  • Check the state machine of the IC
  • Test tags with special features, such as sensors

Memory Management is a tool for analyzing the memory of EPC Class1 Gen2 tags. The software reads EPC, TID Reserved and User memory banks, or a customized section of the memory with a single button press.

Memory contents are shown in binary and hex formats. Some content is also analyzed and interpreted: for example, chip manufacturer and chip type are shown. The application highlights differences in data between consecutive tag reads. The functionality can be used, for example, in sensor tag testing.

Use Cases:

  • Analyze the tag’s memory content
  • Check the chip information
  • Check locking status
  • Compare tag data