Performance Measurement Suite

Tagformance Pro Sofware Suites

HF RFID / NFC performance testing is a repeatable way to test the tags. The system provides instant feedback on new tag designs, allowing quick prototyping and benchmarking. With a professional test system, right tag can be found to each application with minimal trial-and-error.

Performance Measurement Suite Functions

Also, the magnetic field strength required to wake up the tag and load modulation at the threshold power can be measured, as well as read range with profiled reader devices calculated. Magnetic field estimation is only available with C60 and C145 HF antennas.

Supported protocols include ISO 15693, ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, Sony Felica, and ISO 18000-3.

Use Cases:

  • Benchmark tags and tag designs
  • Visibility to tag performance
  • Cost-efficient tag selection

With this separate measurement mode, the load modulation strength of the tag can be measured separately in relation to the transmitted power to the tag, at a defined frequency. It allows defining how much above the threshold the transmitted power has to be set to achieve the strongest modulation strength and checking that the modulation keeps stable when transmit power increases. The load modulation can also be plotted in relation to magnetic field strength on the tag.

Use Cases:

  • Find the optimal power level to communicate with the tag
  • Ensure that the tag performs continuously on all power leve

The working range test is used for comparing tag performance at different distances in practice. This test mode is available only with the Distance Control Kit, which holds the tag and adjusts the distance between the tag and the measurement antenna. The load modulation is measured in relation to the distance with a user-defined distance range and step size. Frequency and transmitted power used are constant but can be set by the user.

Use Cases:

  • Measure working range with antenna tag combination

HF RFID / NFC performance testing is most reliably done with active protocol based measurement, but Tagformance Pro also allows traditional passive testing. This is especially useful if HF antennas without the IC chip would need to be tested.

Use Cases:

  • Conduct also traditional passive measurement for tags
  • Measure plain HF antennas without chip