Tagsurance® 3

Quality Testing System for RAIN RFID and NFC Inlay and Label Production

Next-Generation Quality Assurance Solution for High-Speed RFID Inlay and Label Production Lines

Voyantic Tagsurance 3 is a complete system for measuring the performance of UHF and HF RFID inlays, tags, and labels in different stages of the production process, from chip attachment to label converting and incoming inspection.

The Tagsurance system gives full visibility into RFID tags’ performance, not only checking if they are functional. It is the solution to assure that the production quality corresponds to the designed quality.

Complete System for Inline RAIN RFID and NFC Production Quality Testing

The Tagsurance 3 is a complete solution with test devices, coupling elements, and other hardware, as well as easy-to-use, browser-based operator UI. The system is easy to integrate into any production machine.

Main System Components include:

  • Tagsurance Controller rack for triggering,
    sequencing, REST API, and operator UI
  • Measurement devices, coupling elements and cabling
  • Trigger and rotary encoder

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Accurate High-speed Testing

Don’t compromise between efficiency and quality. Tagsurance allows, for example, three-point testing at high speeds, with accurate measurement results.

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Easy Bolt-on Integration

Tagsurance installation is hassle-free. The hardware is easy to integrate into an extensive range of different machine types. The Tagsurance 3 Controller is ready to be used out-of-the-box. The operator UI is browser-based and easy to use.

Bolt-on, configure, set the recipe, and GO.

Future-proof and Scalable

Tagsurance System is modular and scalable. The system grows with your production needs from 1 to 12 lanes with 1-8 stations per lane. The same system can be fitted into various machine types; small and large machines, high-speed machines, lower-speed machines, chip attachment machines, converting machines, reel-to-reel machines, you name it.


Measure multiple frequencies on a wide frequency band

Bad tag marking / crunching* (*available from some of our machine manufacturer partners)

Lane speeds up to 200 m/min

RAIN quality testing up to the fastest converting machine speeds

Setup up to 12 lanes (12 tags parallel)

Includes a complete GUI for system setup and use

Setup up to 8 processing stations per lane (UHF/HF testing, bad tag marking)

Comes with a full REST API for software integrations

Digital IO signals available

Request a Tagsurance 3 Demo

Learn more about the Voyantic Tagsurance 3 System! Contact us to schedule an online demo where one of our experts walks through the system functionalities and setup.

Video Series: Introduction to Tagsurance 3

Watch Tagsurance 3 demonstration videos to learn the basic setup and functionalities of the system.

The Evolution of the Tagsurance System

The New Generation Quality Testing Solution

The new Tagsurance 3 is the next-generation version of the time-tested, trusted, and accurate quality testing system Voyantic introduced to the industry. In the new system, the hardware, the software, and the technology stack have been upgraded and modernized.

The first version of Tagsurance brought UHF quality testing into tag manufacturing machines. Tagsurance 2 expanded the capabilities into HF quality testing. The new Tagsurance 3 System is the new generation quality testing solution designed to meet the growing demands of the RFID industry that is scaling up faster than ever before.

We are ready!

First Step – Call for RFID Quality Testing

The need for a production tester surfaced when the innovative RFID tag designers started applying the Tagformance system for productions sample testing.

We enabled using Tagformance Lite for production line testing and wrote the software that was predecessor of  Tagsurance.


Tagsurance is born!

It soon became obvious that we needed hardware and software  made specifically for production quality assurance.

The long journey started and, to be honest, first years included a lot of learning, and also the growth took its time. We were convinced though that we are on the right track.

The first Tagsurance and Snoop Pro antenna were brought into market in 2010, and the production testing solution has come far since then.

More Features

In the years following, Tagsurance gets more features and goes to many new places.

We added HF testing and enabled limited IO controlling and multilane with multiplexing.

Both IO controlling and multilane proved their popularity and we realize we want to take those way further…

Time for Tagsurance 3

We took the learnings we got over the years. Our conclusion was to:

  • Put it all together
  • Make it easy to install to almost any production line or machine
  • Package it as a turn-key Tagsurance System