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Label Machine Manufacturer Partners

We work closely with RFID machine vendors to help them offer their customers complete solutions with Voyantic Tagsurance 3 quality control system. Tagusurance 3 can be easily integrated into various machine types, including bonding machines, converting machines, inlay insertion machines, and off-line reel-to-reel testers.

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Support for Machine Manufacturers

Here are some of our Machine Manufacturer partners offering RFID inlay and label-converting machines with Voyantic’s quality control solution.

GIC Online

GIC Online provides RFID label converting and finishing machines with more than 30 years of experience in machine manufacturing.  GIC’s Taginnov range includes 3 different machines for RFID multi-converting.

Learn more about GIC Online Machines with Tagsurance 3:

GIC + Voyantic Solution

GIC Online website 

Tamarack Products

Tamarack Products is a global manufacturer of specialized equipment used in the packaging, label and business form industries.
Recognized worldwide for providing high-quality machinery, Tamarack designs and manufactures systems for inline film/window patching, RFID inlay insertion systems, web finishing equipment and more.

Tamarack Website

SMAG Graphique

SMAG Graphique’s ICONCEPT is a modular, multi-process machine platform for added-value label converting and personalization. The machines can include several modules including, flexographic printing, laminating, cold foil, silkscreen printing, flatbed and semi-rotary hot stamping, embossing, die cutting, slitting, barcode and 2D code reading, and RAIN RFID quality testing.

SMAG + Voyantic Solution

SMAG Graphique website

Ada (Guangdong) Intelligent Equipment

ADA (Guangdong) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd provides customers with efficient RFID-converting solutions. The company’s R&D team has more than ten years of industry experience, and has succesfully developed various types of label-converting equipment, which are widely used in the production of RFID labels for customers.

ADA + Voyantic Solution 

Visit ADA website


ITEC is a semiconductor equipment company that produces a range of products, including die attach equipment, test and vision equipment, and software solutions for process optimization.

High volume, high speed, and high accuracy semiconductor manufacturing—this is what ITEC excels at.

ITEC + Voyantic Solution

ITEC website


HOACO is a leading global provider of precision die cutting, web converting, printing and packaging solutions. HOACO’s RFID Label Converting Machine offers seamless handling of complex RFID labels comprising more than four layers. The machine can be equipped with Voyantic Tagsurance 3 for inline RF-performance testing.

HOACO + Voyantic Solution

HOACO website

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