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Growing Opportunity in the RAIN RFID Smart Label Market

The annual production volumes of RAIN RFID tags are exceeding 30 billion. Inventory applications and demand for supply chain visibility and lifecycle traceability of items are driving the adoption across various industries, from retail to healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and more.

RFID smart labels are an attractive opportunity, not only for RFID companies but also for traditional label manufacturers. Many products are also increasingly mandated to include RFID for supply chain visibility (e.g. the Walmart mandate).

An easy way to get started with RFID is to outsource the inlays for your label-converting machine. But the critical factor for succeeding in the RFID label business is acquiring the basic knowledge of RAIN RFID technology. We talked to a number of RFID machine manufacturers at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels about RFID label converting. Hear what they had to say…

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Blog: Why Label RF Quality Matters? Framework for RFID Tag Quality

The quality of RFID tags and labels boils down to RF performance – how consistent is the performance compared to the RFID tag specifications? RF quality cannot be seen with the human eye. Nor can the RF performance of a smart label or inlay be checked with any camera, x-ray, or machine vision. The quality can only be checked with RF measurement system.