Tagsurance® HF

Quality measurement system for HF RFID and NFC tags in production quality assurance, tag manufacturing and incoming inspection

NFC production testing and measurement system for fast tag testing in production lines

The end-of-life (EOL) schedule has been announced for Tagsurance HF. Read the notice here.

Tagsurance 3 replaces older Tagsurance Products.

Voyantic Tagsurance® HF is a quality measurement system for HF RFID and NFC tags, used in production quality assurance in tag manufacturing and incoming inspection at tag users. Voyantic Tagsurance HF system is designed for fast tag testing in a production line. Unlike in typical passive characterization of an HF antenna, the Tagsurance HF uses protocol-defined communication to verify the performance of HF RFID tags.

Reader vs Tagsurance HF

Active, Wide-frequency Performance Testing

Traditional reader-based testing is limited to a single frequency, with limited visibility to the tag quality. The frequency of interest is often different from the reader frequency, as the resonance frequency of the HF/NFC tag is typically set above 13.56MHz in free air.

Tagsurance HF enables testing the tags’ ability to communicate on multiple frequencies throughout its operational band using frequencies from 10MHz to 30MHz.

Voyantic Tagsurance Family

Fitted to Integrate with Production Process

Tagsurance test system provides several simple integration options and scales from single-lane to multilane and wide web test applications. Several test modes are available to allow appropriate test coverage and testing speed time with the process requirements. The product family supports RAIN RFID and NFC testing, and can also be used for dual-frequency tag testing.

Voyantic Snoop Pro

Reliable Quality Assurance

The Tagsurance system with the Snoop Pro coupling element provides reliable and accurate quality data even in the fast-moving process. By using the Tagsurance system, you know that each tag performs as specified. Reliable data generated in the test is valuable – whether you are buying or selling the tags.

Main Benefits and Features

Perfectly functioning HF RFID and NFC systems with 100% performance tags

Improved supplier-customer relations backed with accurate and reliable data.

Calibrated: accurate and reliable

Easy: simple integration, low maintenance.

Efficient and fast production and quality assurance

Local Language Support in GUI: English, Spanish, German, Finnish, and Chinese

Adjustable: integrable with the production process

Decreased waste with real-time visibility to process performance

Wide frequency range: visibility to performance and quality variance

Versatile: single lane, multilane, machine integrations, and manual test station use

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