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Voyantic Announces the End-of-life Schedule for Legacy Tagsurance and Reelsurance Products

May 23, 2023

Voyantic Tagsurance® 3 replaces older Tagsurance products.

Voyantic Tagsurance® 3 is the new generation production testing system that replaces Voyantic Tagsurance 1 and 2 systems.

Today Voyantic announces the end-of-life schedule for legacy Voyantic Tagsurance and Reelsurance products as follows:

The last order date for the following listed products will be June 28th, 2024

  • Tagsurance UHF 1.0 hardware
  • Tagsurance 1.x software
  • Tagsurance 2.x software
  • IO controller with 6-channel multiplexer hardware

The last order date for the following listed products will be November 24th, 2023

  • Reelsurance lite
  • Reelsurance Pro
  • Note: Reelsurances can be bought from Reconcile Engineering

There are no planned software updates for Tagsurance 1.x or Tagsurance 2.x software or any other software, firmware or hardware related to the above-listed products or product components. The last versions of the software are listed below. There will only be critical patches made if necessary.

  • Tagsurance 1.10.2
  • Tagsurance 2.6.4

Technical Support Continues

Technical support, calibration service, and spare part availability for all products affected by this announcement will continue 7 years from the announcement (until 28th June 2030).

Tagsurance 3 replaces all the core functionalities of the announced end-of-life products

Compared to Tagsurance 1 and 2 UHF and HF quality testing on production lines and machines, the Tagsurance 3 System offers:

  • All the functionalities included in the legacy systems plus many improved functionalities
  • 2-3 times faster operation for UHF testing
  • Much easier integration to almost any production line or machine
  • Complete REST API (+streaming) for data integrations
  • Machine IO for digital IO integrations with production line or machine PLC (e.g. stop at splicing table at lot end, stop/signal at low yield, etc.)

Reel-to-reel / offline testing (Reelsurance)

Various machine vendors offer similar reel-to-reel machines where Tagsurance 3 can be integrated. Contact our sales team for assistance.

What about the “manual test station” and Bendurance?

Voyantic Bendurance and the manual test station for Tagsurance 3 will remain available. See Tagsurance 3 product catalogue Q2/2023 (pages 38 and 40).

Do you need help with figuring out the changes needed in your machine or other integration?

The Voyantic technical sales team is more than happy to help you get your journey started for upgrading to Tagsurance 3. Please contact

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