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Solutions for  R&D and Deployment

Is your RFID lab up to date?

RAIN RFID and NFC Measurement and Testing Systems

We offer out-of-the-box RAIN RFID and NFC measurement and testing systems and test equipment for the RFID industry and academia. Our solutions are based on dedicated hardware and sophisticated software.

Whether you focus on tag design, item tagging and verification, protocol testing, technical sales, or academic research, we have the solutions for you.

RFID Testing for Academic Research  

Voyantic Tagformance® Pro is the preferred solution for UHF and HF RFID testing and measurements in laboratories and research facilities. The system is already used by many of the leading universities and RFID research centers worldwide, and referred to in over 700 academic articles.

Our system is known for high quality as well as extensive functionality and ease of use.

Measurement Solutions for RFID Tag Design & Development

Speed up your time to market with instant visibility into the characteristics, functionality and performance of new designs. Voyantic Tagformance Pro is a complete and an easy to use solution with unbeatable measurement accuracy.

The system is continuously developed to meet the latest industry requirements, and our professional services and maintenance program ensure you can get your job done efficiently and with high confidence.

RFID System Planning, Testing and Deployment

Ensure your deployment is both reliable and future-proof. Our solutions help you define your specifications, explore different tagging strategies, gain visibility into the performance, and troubleshoot your UHF and HF RFID systems.

With our professional RFID test equipment you can compare and benchmark different tags to find the most suitable ones for your application, as well as gain visibility into your tag performance, enabling you to deliver high quality and reliable RFID systems.

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Tools and Systems for R&D and Deployment

What Our Customers Say

“We use the Tagformance for our R&D work when designing a new tag or a new RFID solution. It is extremely helpful. Apart from production, it is also very useful for testing RFID tags in a real operational environment. We are fully satisfied with the service and assistance offered by the Voyantic team; they are always available and ready to address our requests.”

Marzio Amadori, CTO, Managing Director, Lab ID

“The Voyantic Tagformance HF is a versatile tool, both for the development of RFID tags and the verification of tag performance. It’s easy to use, fast and reliable. In addition, Voyantic implemented new features into their software on our request to support us in the development of future products.”

Johannes Becker, Director of the Competence Center, LogiData , Schreiner Group

RAIN RFID and NFC Tag Design

Figuring out RAIN RFID and NFC tag design is not an easy task. All stages of the RFID tag design process are important to understand, from studying IC functionalities and selecting materials for tags, to design verification, tag selection, and documenting tag performance.

Introduction to RAIN RFID Tagged Item Design and Performance Testing

Learn more about RAIN RFID-tagged items as technical components of RAIN RFID systems. What is the process for adding tags to an item and verifying the performance of tagged items within the RAIN RFID systems?