Lab ID – Fast, Reliable and Accurate Testing with Voyantic

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Bologna, Italy, LAB ID is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of RFID inlays and tags. Over the years the company has strengthened their business by increasing production capacity and enriching product portfolio, developing new high quality tags and solutions dedicated to specific market segments, such as fashion/luxury goods. Quality is the firm point of the company policy, and thanks to the Voyantic Tagformance and Tagsurance testing systems, they maintain it always controlled and top level.

According to Marzio Amadori, CTO – Managing Director, the Voyantic equipment is extremely versatile and easy to use.

“We use the Tagsurance to test our UHF tags inline when they reach the final testing phase. This enables us to keep constant control of the quality of each tag assembled. We use it both with dry inlays and final products.”

The Voyantic testing system is extremely fast, reliable, and accurate. But its use is not limited to the production phase only.

“We use the Tagformance for our R&D work when designing a new tag or a new RFID solution. It is extremely helpful. Apart from production, it is also very useful for testing RFID tags in a real operational environment. We are fully satisfied with the service and assistance offered by the Voyantic team; they are always available and ready to address our requests.”, says Marzio Amadori