3 Resources for RFID Smart Label Converters

The RFID Label Market is Growing

RFID tag sales grow at an average of 25 % annually, which is a significantly faster rate than the traditional label market growth. IC shipments will rise to 88.5 billion annually by 2028.

More and more label converters are entering the RFID market. But to succeed in RFID, education and expertise in the technology is required.

Below you can find 3 educational resources to help you get started. If you have any questions related to RFID technology or would like to receive similar resources in the future, send us a note here ›

1. Webinar Series for Label Converters

Watch Part 1 – RAIN RFID Technology 101 for Label Converters ›

You are in the label converting business, and your customers are now asking for RFID added to your label products.

Great!  Why are your customers talking about RFID now?  What specifically is RAIN RFID? How can you get going? What do you need to consider to avoid claims and rework?

Watch Part 2 – Panel Discussion: RAIN RFID Label Converting Essentials ›

Tune into the expert discussion on RFID converting practicalities, customer expectations, and market outlook.

2. Blog Post: Why Label RF Quality Matters? Framework for RFID Tag Quality

The quality of RFID tags and labels boils down to RF performance – how consistent is the performance compared to the RFID tag specifications?

This post includes a framework that describes the levels of defining smart label RF quality, from design quality to documented production quality control.

3. Blog Post: Best Practices for RAIN RFID Label Quality Testing

RAIN RFID, aka UHF RFID aka EPC RFID, is the technology used in connecting billions of everyday items to the Internet. In 2020 RAIN RFID tag volumes exceeded 21 billion, and in 2021 volumes reached over 28 billion. We are seeing this strong growth continue. At the same time, RAIN RFID users have started to pay more attention to their RFID label quality.

Read the post to learn the current best practices in RFID quality testing.

What Our Customers Say

The product delivered by Voyantic has exceeded our expectations in every way. Its functionality, user interface, and performance have truly transformed the way we operate, making our processes more efficient and streamlined. The attention to detail and innovative features demonstrates the commitment Voyantic has to delivering top-notch solutions,” 

Wayne Oldham, Innovation and Sustainable Technology Director, 4id Solutions

“Voyantic system can better solve the quality monitoring of RFID tag production, help us provide customers with highly reliable electronic tags, reduce the production waste of RFID tags, improve enterprise profits, and realize larger scale application of RFID!”

Peng Hanwen, General Manager, Tengcai Technology

“The Voyantic Tagsurance setups on the bonding and converting lines are the essential tools of the quality assurance process. […] The clever use of Voyantic systems in our custom-built quality control equipment opened us an opportunity to make commercial use of the chip resources that otherwise would not be available.”

Piotr Wolf, RFID Production Development Director, Talkin’ Things

“With the Voyantic system, Hana’s automation engineers were able to integrate a high-level of testing into the process without sacrificing throughput.[…] during the project with Michelin, Hana Microdisplay chose to implement a Voyantic test system in its most recent roll-to-roll, web-based, high-speed RFID inlay manufacturing line.”

John Erdmann, President and CEO, Hana Technologies, Inc.

“We use the Tagsurance to test our UHF tags inline when they reach the final testing phase. This enables us to keep constant control of the quality of each tag assembled. We use it both with dry inlays and final products.”

Marzio Amadori, CTO, Managing Director, Lab ID

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