Guangdong Tengcai Technology Ensures UHF RFID Label Design and Production Quality with Voyantic

Guangdong Tengcai Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011 and based in China, is a high-technology RFID label and tag provider with a nearly 10000 square meters factory area.

Quality is important for Tengcai Technology. The company strictly adheres to the ISO9001 international quality management standard and implements modern management; “We have been awarded titles such as ‘Specialized, Refined, and New Enterprise’, ‘High tech Enterprise’, and ‘Guangdong Province Key Material Label Production Enterprise for Epidemic Prevention and Control’,” says Peng Hanwen, General Manager of Tengcai.

Tengcai is committed to RFID label and tag production and services. Tengcai is expecting to produce 1.5 billion ultra-high frequency RFID inlays annually, targeting applications such as warehouse management, aviation logistics, intelligent library, clothing inventory, jewelry management, and vehicle management. The company has invested in eight DDA40K chip attachment machines from Mühlbauer, composite equipment specialized for RFID, quality testing systems from Voyantic, a shear force tester, a constant temperature and humidity test box, a bending tester, and other professional equipment. Tengcai is geared to provide RFID products globally!

Voyantic Testing Systems for Product Development and Production Quality Assurance

Tengcai uses the Voyantic Tagformance measurement system for tag development, testing, and selection, and the Voyantic Tagsurance System for inline testing and quality control in production.

Design Verification and Tag Comparison

Tagformance Pro testing system is the core of the RFID tag performance testing process. Tagformance is used to verify design characteristics and functionality in the product development process and to compare different tags’ quality and performance to help Tengcai choose the solution that is most suitable for the RFID solution provider and end-user customers for specific applications.

Tagformance includes an extensive range of different tag performance test functions and can analyze the tag’s backscatter power, tag directivity, and reading distance in detail. Tagformance also supports testing on different materials.

Production Quality Control

For Tengcai’s tag and label mass production lines, the Voyantic Tagsurance System provides high-speed performance testing on a wide frequency range, to check that performance stays within acceptable variance. Tagsurance is used for Tengcai’s UHF and HF label production testing, with a testing speed of over 100 000 labels per hour.

“Tagsurance has excellent testing speed and accuracy, with a testing speed of up to 5ms. It can be quickly and conveniently installed on binding lines, composite lines, and initialization lines, thereby detecting label performance consistency in real-time. Rapid detection of the consistency of label performance and real-time observation and recording of differences in label quality has significantly improved the label manufacturing process”, Mr. Hanwen explains. “Voyantic system can better solve the quality monitoring of RFID tag production, help us provide customers with highly reliable electronic tags, reduce the production waste of RFID tags, improve enterprise profits, and realize larger scale application of RFID!”, Mr. Hanwen continues.

Planning for the Future

With the rapid development of China’s economy, Tengcai sees that RFID will play an increasingly important role in logistics, retail, manufacturing, clothing, healthcare, identity recognition, anti-counterfeiting, asset management, transportation, food, animal identification, libraries, automobiles, aviation, military and other fields. The application of the Internet of Things based on RFID technology and mobile internet connectivity is constantly expanding. New application fields are constantly added, and the RFID market scale will continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend!

As the Internet of Things application is becoming increasingly diverse, the quality requirements for RFID tags are also increasing. With the development of business needs, Tengcai Technology plans to gradually add more Voyantic systems to maintain the high quality of their products and solutions.