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Learn more of the Voyantic’s multifunctional reel-to-reel machine Reelsurance that covers all your RAIN RFID and NFC testing and encoding needs!

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Voyantic Reelsurance™ is a multifunctional reel-to-reel machine to cover all your RAIN RFID and NFC testing and encoding needs.

Use Reelsurance to:

  • Ensure flawless RAIN RFID and NFC tag deliveries
  • Verify quality and performance of labels
  • Produce and deliver ready-to-use tags with programmed memory contents and printed barcodes
  • Utilize splicing table to remove defected labels before rewinding
  • Easily dispense the correct amount of tags using the label counting feature.


  • Tool for keeping RAIN RFID and NFC label customers satisfied
  • Multifunctional machine suits your RAIN RFID and NFC tag testing and personalization needs
  • High production capacity with minimal footprint
  • Sophisticated label handling
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Turn-key delivery.

Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Reelsurance is a multifunctional machine designed to suit your RAIN RFID and NFC label testing and personalization needs. Test, encode, print and dispense with 100% accuracy in a single, centrally managed process.

Office Compatible Design

Reelsurance brings tag manufacturing close to tagging. The machine has a small footprint and is easily fitted into a normal warehouse environment. The machine runs on regular power mains and is quiet enough to be used even in an office.

Thoughtfully Designed Label Handling

Reelsurance is robust, safe and ergonomic. The sophisticated tilted design creates neat rolls, ready for delivery and use. The machine is equipped with tension control and optional ionizers to safeguard inlays and labels. Switching between products and reconfiguration of the machine is fast and simple.

Complete Turn-key Solution

Get your ready-to-use personalization system with maintenance with a single purchase order. You will be supported by highly skilled professionals determined to go the extra mile to solve your specific problems.