Tagsurance 3.5.0 Download Page

Replaced by the patch version 3.5.1

Release date: 13-APR-2023

REST API version: 1.3.0
Async API version: 1.1.0

Installation Instructions

  1. IMPORTANT!!! if you are updating from older version than 3.3, read before you start:
    1. If your Tagsurance Controller rack does not have a router (white small box with 5 ethernet sockets), you will need to first request one from support@voyantic.com; this software version and the ones succeeding it will not work without the router.
    2. If you have a router (white small box with 5 ethernet sockets) you will need to update it; request the update SW from support@voyantic.com. Note that it is system serial number specific, with the request send the serial numbers of all the Tagsurance 3 systems you update.
  2. Close:
    • Tagsurance 3.exe
    • Recipe Builder
  3. Extract installer on Tagsurance Controller PC.
  4. Run setup.exe (reboot if requested).
  5. Note: if you have Tagsurance HF devices in the system and are updating from older version than Tagsurance 3.2.0, you will have to update the firmwares of those to the version 2.5.1 (see manual)
  6. Update the router as instructed by support@voyantic.com when you requested the router update SW from them (only for updates from older than Tagsurance 3.3)
  7. Reboot the Tagsurance Controller PC

Release Notes

Theme of this release is “Telemetry and Data Streams” and improving the Operators’ experience.

New features and improvements

  • Lane metrics (speed, distance travelled) and trigger metrics (measured pitch and correlation if pattern trig in use) are shown in operator UI.
  • All job configurations are grouped together, that imporoves the usability of the operator UI.
  • Mühlbauer TAL15k machines’ RS-232 tester interface support:
    • Tagsurance 3 can be now used with the Mühlbauer TAL15k machines with either one or two testers. There is full support for the TAL15k including operator UI and real time view of how the testing progresses in the testing area.
    • If your TAL15k has the “RS-232 tester interface” enabled (we can help you to find this out) then Tagsurance 3 can be integrated to TAL15k machines easily, just by connecting the RS-232 from the machine and changing the coupling elements to Voyantic Snoop Pro.
  • The term “batch” has been replaced by “lot” in the operator UI as it is more commonly used term although both are used. API specification does not have these changes and backwards compatibility is quaranteed.
  • Detailed task list result view for Tagsurance tester station results.
  • Tagsurance SL UHF can read 256 words from a tag’s memory bank.
  • Non-standard text file formatted result logs are dropped. The data export with csv formatted results replaces previous output files completely.
    • Note: The job result data export is available only for the last stopped job until the next job start or software update. It is the user’s responsibility to export and save results for permanent storage.
  • Bug fix: pass/fail interpretation of MUST_FAIL and INDIFFERENT point tests
  • Bug fix: action trigger STATION_READY for IO only stations


Data Streams

Main benefit for most customers are:

  • station results in multi-station per lane configurations are visible immediately after processed on each station; was previously only available after tag passed the last feedbacking station.
  • Operator UI can be opened mid-job and it is immediately showing the correct status and not “re-playing” through the whole job until it catches up the current situation.

Main benefits for API integrations:

  • Station results and tag results are streamed out through AsyncAPI. This is useful in API integrations and helps to keep a client light weight as it does not need to constantly poll for data. The results are still available via REST API as before.
  • Job statistics stream that includes the information about the number of processed tags and yield for the whole job and per lane.
  • Lane metrics stream tells the current lane speed and the travelled distance since job start.
  • Tag metrics stream includes the measured tag pitch and the measured pattern match ratio in case the pattern trigger is enabled.


Known Issues:

  • Tagsurance testers do sensitivity test always with precision of 0.25 dB regardless the defined test parameter. Impact is sensitivity test being 2 x point test time longer than wanted when 1 dB resolution is used.
  • If the job is run without Lane Controller, the streamed station results have faulty data. The results are shown wrong in the operator UI.