Technologies ROI LLC

Technologies ROI LLC (aka TROI) was founded in 2002 in South Carolina, USA. TROI is a supplier of RFID tags principally to the Energy Sector and specifically to the Oil and Gas Industry. The key differentiator for TROI tags is that they are designed and manufactured using military and industrial electronics conventions such as solder bonding wire antennas in contrast to other suppliers’ tendency to package inlay labels. As a result, all TROI tags are temperature rated to 200c and many up to 300c. The subsequent packaging allows for rapid attachment and harsh environment integrity.

“I met Voyantic when they began and were just moving from academic environment to commercial one. I have followed the Voyantic product development through the years with deep interest. As TROI designs grew in complexity – for example the patented TROI metal encased UHF tags – there came a need to use exact RF spectrum analysis in making changes and corrections. Perhaps more important is quality assurance that 100% of TROI tags meet TROI standards for uniformity and performance, which is achieved today using the Tagsurance solution for 100% of incoming parts for order receipt and outgoing final tags for clients.” says Dr. Patrick King, Founder of Technologies ROI LLC.

“I asked my wife if she would rather have a new boat or buy a Voyantic Tagsurance, she immediately said to buy Tagsurance. She has never regretted her vote of confidence and decision. We look forward to even an additional purchase.” laughs Dr. King. “We use the Voyantic Tagsurance system mainly for design editing and correction and tuning, but also for manufacturing quality assurance for incoming raw tags and outgoing finished goods. The system solves problems and helps avoid problems.”