HID Global built a Reputation Based on Quality

HID Global, with over two decades of RFID development and manufacturing experience, offers the industry’s most diverse and flexible line of RFID tags and transponders. As a trusted source for secure identity solutions, HID Global has built a reputation based on quality, which the Voyantic Tagsurance plays an important role in assisting them to continually deliver.

Eric Suligoj, Director of Business Development Industry & Logistics, Identification Technologies at HID Global, is very pleased with the test system:

“The Tagsurance UHF tester has been implemented in our production facility at HID Global in 2011. We use this product to test our UHF tag products in their final phase of production. We were surprised by its speed of measurement. Minimizing the time taken to test each tag is an important factor during the quality control process given the volumes of tags we produce daily. But more importantly, this tester delivers accurate characterization data we haven’t had access to before. This will enable us to fine-tune our processes and continue to deliver best-in-class UHF tag products.”