AML Research Laboratory Uses Tagformance to Test and Verify UHF RFID Tag Designs

Founded in 2000, AML is a research laboratory of Electronic Communication Engineering at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Over the years AML has specialized in antenna design applied to consumer electronics such as mobile phones and notebook computers.

In 2009 AML came across Voyantic’s solutions when focusing on high-quality RFID tag and reader antenna designs.

Before 2009, AML measured tag antennas in a chamber and was able to only measure the antenna gain and efficiency. The challenge was that AML could not provide the tag dynamic characteristics to commissioning company. To solve the problem, AML started using the Voyantic equipment for RFID testing and measurement to achieve the next big milestone in RFID tag design.

AML uses Voyantic Tagformance hardware and software to measure if their UHF tag designs meet the specifications provided by the commissioning company and to gain visibility into the quality of each tag.

AML also uses Tagformance for research and development when designing a new tag.

“Tagformance is extremely fast, reliable, and accurate in the operating process. Apart from laboratory measurement, it is also very useful for testing RFID tags in a real operational environment. We are fully satisfied with the service, long-term support and assistance offered by the Voyantic team”, noted Jui-Han Lu, Professor at the University



Jui-Han Lu Professor, Department of Electronic Communication Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Kaohsiung, Taiwan