Testing Near-field UHF RFID Tags with Voyantic Tagformance

Application Note

Published 9/2014
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1 Introduction

The challenge in testing near-field UHF RFID tags is that there is no unambiguous theoretical read range for the tags. In the near field, the maximum read range depends on the used reader antenna.

2 Voyantic’s Recommendation

Voyantic’s recommendation is to attach the antenna that is planned to be used in the end application to the Tagformance device with the circulator, and to select ‘use empty setup’ from the measurement setup dialogue. The threshold sweep measurement can then be used to test the tuning of the near- field tag. The measurement can be used in tag comparison, but it does not provide absolute values of the read range.

The Circulator is delivered as a part of the Voyantic Tagformance Hand Carry Kit and Field Engineer Kit. It is also available as a separate accessory (code TF-AC-CRC).