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Learn more of the Voyantic Tagformance Pro Test Device! By combining RAIN RFID and NFC testing into one compact test device, our Tagformance Pro is a true all-in-one tool for anyone either developing or using RFID technology.

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The Voyantic Tagformance Pro is an all-in-one test and measurement device for RAIN RFID, HF RFID and NFC.

Use Tagformance Pro to:

  • Verify tuning and sensitivity of RFID and NFC tags
  • Study the effects of materials, orientation and tag proximity
  • Define optimal tagging methods
  • Benchmark tags
  • Optimize RFID installations
  • Analyze tag memory and chip performance
  • Analyze and grade performance of tagged items.


  • Get new tag designs to market faster
  • Boost the efficiency of technical sales
  • Visualize RAIN RFID and NFC tag performance
  • Choose best fitting components for each system
  • Implement high quality RFID systems
  • Continuously developed to grow with the latest industry requirements.

Fast Time-to-Market in Tag Development

With Tagformance Pro you get instant feedback from new tag designs. The effect of a new tag antenna or material can be tested in a few seconds, allowing rapid prototyping.

Visibility to Tag Performance

There are several factors affecting the performance of RFID and NFC tags. Tune your tags correctly, and characterize them for sensitivity, backscatter strength and load modulation.

Single Tool for All RFID Tags

Use the same test system for all RFID tags: UHF, HF or NFC. Tagformance Pro supports all widely used RFID protocols.

Cost-efficient Comparison and Selection

Different tags work in different applications, and choosing the right one can be a nightmare. Minimize your trial-and-error and choose your tags with professional test equipment.

Reliable RFID Systems

Using high quality professional testing equipment results in better performance. When tags are designed and selected with Voyantic Tagformance Pro, you can deliver high quality and problem free RFID systems.

Tagformance Pro system consists of a Tagformance Pro measurement device, one or more software packages, and accessories that complete the system. All hardware, software and accessories are modular and easy to use - as well as easy to buy, easy to maintain and easy to understand the total cost of ownership. The system is designed to grow with the latest industry requirements.

Whether your focus is in tag design, RFID deployment, production quality monitoring, protocol testing, technical sales or academic research, we can provide you with the most suitable software tools and hardware accessories. Our state-of-the-art RFID measurement tools enable you to concentrate on your core business.

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