A large number of extensions for the Tagformance system are available.


Scripter is a time saver when you need to run the same set of measurements for a large number of tags. Using measurement workflows will also make your routine measurements more systematic and reduce errors. Scripter can be used with all the Tag Designer Suite measurements and with the Population Analysis in Application Development Suite.


  • Get systematic with measurement workflows
  • Save time by automating measurements
  • Make routines less prone to homan errors

Additional Protocols

As an addition to ISO 18000-6C (EPC Class 1 Gen2), we offer optional support for Tag-talks-only (e.g. iPX), ISO 18000-6B, SINIAV and GB/T29768 protocols for the measurement functionalities in Tag Designer Suite.

Wideband Sweep Range

The Wideband Sweep Range 600-1300 MHz offers more than three times the visibility in frequency domain compared to the standard range of 800-1000 MHz. It is ideal for inlay designers as the materials can easily de-tune the inlays more than 100 MHz.


Tagformance Pro has a TCP/IP protocol interface that enables you to write your own software that uses the Tagformance Pro device.