Tagsurance® UHF Manual Test Station

Voyantic Tagsurance® UHF Manual Test Station verifies the operation sensitivity of UHF RFID tags. With the Voyantic Tagsurance, the tag performance can be verified in a second by executing a user-defined sequence of communications tests, power threshold measurements, or even a wide frequency sweep. Reader-based testing is typically limited to testing the functionality of a tag at one frequency and power level with moderate accuracy, limiting the visibility into tag tuning effects.

Easy to Use and Accurate

The Manual Test Station is designed to be tolerant for interferences and easy to use for the operator, aiming to maximize the efficiency and to minimize error. A dedicated structure ensures accurate alignment of tags. The test is triggered with a foot pedal, and each passed test is indicated with both light and sound signals.

The Tagsurance Unit is easily implemented also in automated process equipment. As the testing procedures develop, the Tagsurance can quickly scale up in speed and adapt to various process steps. This enables long term efficient use of the test equipment.

Download the pdf brochure to find out more about the features of the Tagsurance Manual Test Station!