Xindeco IOT – RFID Tag Quality Assurance with Tagformance and Tagsurance

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Xindeco IOT Technology Ltd. is a leading RFID tag manufacturer based in Xiamen, China. Founded in 2005, Xindeco IOT has over 15 years of RFID tags design & manufacturing experience. As the pioneer of the Internet of Things industry, the company has nearly 50 RFID inlay production lines. The lines can produce over 2.5 billion pcs RFID inlays & tags annually. Xindeco IoT is the Top 3 RFID tag ODM & OEM supplier in the world.

Xindeco IOT uses Voyantic Tagformance and Tagsurance systems mainly for assuring the quality of the RFID tags. The systems are key components in Xindeco’s 100% quality assurance policy. RFID tags were checked before shipment to the customer. The systems are used for testing both UHF RFID and HF RFID tags in R&D, in production, and in the QC department.

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Mr. Li Lin, General Manager of R&D department, explains: The Voyantic Tagformance systems with anechoic chambers are used in the design lab for evaluating the inlay designs. The Tagformance systems are also used in sample testing the tag performance and quality of manufactured tags. With the systems, we can verify all the essential parameters such as tag sensitivity.

The Voyantic systems are precise and easy to use. Their quality is excellent. We have had the Tagformance lite system for a long time already, and there have been no failures, it is still working very well. Mr. Li Lin tells.

Mr. Zhou Senmao, Manager of QC department, continues: The Voyantic Tagsurance systems are used in quality control during production, in-line at the production machines. In the quality testing, the tag performance is checked at a few critical frequencies, this procedure assures that each tag works as specified. The Tagsurance systems are also used in separate off-line QC tests.

Voyantic Tagsurance UHF systems have been used for verifying the consistency of the UHF tag quality. The systems are fast. They are used in manufacturing lines running at high speeds without any misjudgments. And all the data is saved in real-time.

The systems have helped to improve the quality inspection accuracy, and at the same time greatly improved the efficiency of the QC. Now our quality is excellent and also our production yields have increased. Mr. Zhou Senmao describes.

Xindeco IOT teams are continuously developing manufacturing and quality control activities. The latest developments include improvements in HF RFID quality testing, and combining Tagsurance based RF-testing with Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment.

We hope that in the future Voyantic would be even more involved in training us, and together we could find still new ways to improve our manufacturing and quality control. Mr. Li Lin visions the future.

Cooperation between Voyantic and Xindeco IOT will continue strongly.