Omnia Technologies Relies on Voyantic Solutions to Verify Tag Design and Production Quality

Indian RFID tag manufacturer, Omnia Technologies, based in Gurgaon has successfully entered the UHF tag business after adopting Voyantic measurement and testing solutions. Omnia started its RFID business by manufacturing LF and HF tags. In order to meet the customer requirements and to increase product profitability, they decided to add UHF hard tags into their product portfolio in 2014. Currently, Omnia is providing a full range of passive RFID hard tags, and 95% of its products are exported to overseas markets.

According to Rajesh Paul, R&D Manager of Omnia, Voyantic solutions are the key to driving Omnia’s UHF tag business growing.

“After three years of investment and hard work, currently about 50% of our company’s turnover comes from selling UHF hard tags. Our engineers first use the Voyantic Tagformance measurement system to verify the tag design based on the customer’s specifications. After that, we do the tag quality checking with Tagsurance in the production before shipment. Both Tagformance and Tagsurance systems have shortened our new product development time and enhanced our product quality control level tremendously.”, says Rajesh Paul.

Smoos Peng [APAC Director of Voyantic] with Rajesh Paul and Sneha Tiwari from Omnia in Gurgaon, India in May 2018.