Tagformance Test Center

Whether you are running an RFID Test Center or planning to start one up, here is what you need to know about Voyantic and Tagformance, a complete measurement solution for evaluating the functionality and performance of EPC Class1 Gen2 RFID systems.

Tagformance System consists of a Tagformance measurement device, one or more software packages, and accessories that complete the system. All hardware, software and accessories are modular and easy to use - as well as easy to buy, easy to maintain and easy to understand the Total Cost of Ownership.

Voyantic provides installation, training and maintenance services to make the Tagformance System a true turn-key solution with no uncertainty or your-mileage-may-vary disclaimers. We see you get started and are always happy to hear from you.

Tagformance is used by many RFID Test Centers and Test Service Providers globally. The system fulfills the key requirements in the following Measurement Standards:

EPC Global:

  • Static Test Method
  • Tag Performance Parameters and Test Methods


  • 18046-3

What Do Current Users Say?

“French Industry will have an important RFID UHF growth within the next two years because of several deployments on the apparel market. In our experience, there is a real need to help RFID users to define tagging specifications. The goal is, that one would be able to switch tag manufacturers and solution providers if another offer is more interesting. It is necessary to have performance data available and to include it as reference material in the specifications sent to solution providers. GS1 France is producing the data by using Tagformance.”

“Tagformance responds to GS1 France’s needs because this solution is based on EPCglobal performance test methods. The other reason for choosing the Tagformance was that we needed a small anechoic chamber which Voyantic was able to tailor according to our wishes. Furthermore the Maintenance Program offer is very suitable to what we requested.” says Lionel Willig from GS1 France (2013).

“RFID/USN Center is a non-profit organization invested by Korean government and Incheon Metropolitan City to lead the trend of evolution into the ubiquitous society aiming at world’s best infrastructure facility for RFID/USN technologies. RFID/USN Center provides RFID/USN product development support (equipment rental, prototype assembly & analysis) and test services (conformance, performance and reliability tests) for domestic and overseas RFID/USN companies.”

“With Tagformance we can offer RFID (UHF, Passive) related equipment tests. The Tagformance has faster system setup and measurement speed compared to equipment that we used before.” says Eunyoung Park from RFID/USN Center South Korea (2013).