How well do you know your RFID tags?
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RFID Measurement Solutions

Cover Your Test and Measurement Needs from Design to Production

Voyantic offers RFID testing and measurement solutions both for laboratory analysis and for production quality control. The solutions are based on our world leading RFID measurement technology and we provide all necessary accessories to compile your test setup to support your specific requirements. With the modular concept you only pay for what you need!

Laboratory Measurement Solutions

The Tagformance and Readformance product families provide the means for tag design, system design, benchmarking, application level analysis, item tagging and tag qualification. With the correct compilation you will get the optimized system to cover all your measurement requirements. Our modular concept is seamlessly integrated and upgradable based on your changing needs. Below some examples of our solutions:

Production Testing Solutions

The Tagsurance product family takes the accurate performance testing into production. Tagsurance solutions cover the production testing needs from manual testing to fully automated in process testing.

In Process Testing Solutions

Offline Testing Solutions

Manual Testing Solutions