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Managing RFID tag performance in the retail environment is challenging. The RF performance of tagged items may vary significantly due to different UHF RFID labels used, different materials of the items, and different ways the items are displayed. The tagged items should fulfill the set performance requirements in diverse retail settings. Choosing the correct tags plays a key role in application performance.

Tagged-Item Grading is a measurable and comparable set of RFID tag performance qualities for tagged items. Most importantly, it is a way to communicate the performance requirements between retailers, suppliers, and technology providers. The Voyantic Tagformance Tagged-Item Grading is the way to define and verify the grading. Remove any uncertainties, assure the performance of your application right from the moment of implementation.

The Voyantic Tagformance Tagged-Item Grading System makes buying and selling UHF RFID tags more effortless:

  • Easy way to set tagging requirements for suppliers
  • Clear results for communicating performance requirements
  • A quick method to verify performance
  • Standardized test method
  • 100% aligned with the GS1 Tagged-Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) guideline.

The system does not require an RFID expert to use it, thanks to its automated and straightforward test procedure. Open file formats and clear reporting allow the test data to be easily shared between retailers and their suppliers.

Tagged-Item Grading provides the capability to define to which grade your item falls into, or a fast way to check whether the tagged item meets the required set grade.

Voyantic delivers the system as a complete turn-key setup. You can also upgrade an existing Tagformance testing system with any of the main components.

Watch the Voyantic Tagged Item Grading video for more specific information on this product.

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Download a Tool for Evaluating Read Ranges

Download a handy tool for evaluating read ranges with different RFID readers and tags with various TIPP grades. In the tool you can select a TIPP grade, input reader parameters, and see what kind of read range is expected from the system.

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