Anechoic Chambers and Cabinets

The RFID measurement cabinets and chambers reduce outside interferences and improve measurement accuracy. They provide an excellent and cost efficient measurement setup bringing the advantages of an anechoic room to your office space with a fraction of the cost. You can be confident that you have an efficient working setup at all times. The absorbers are especially designed for UHF RFID testing.

The standard RFID Mesurement cabinet is a desktop cabinet desined for testing tags only. It has a rotation table, and tests tags from one antenna angle.

C50, C100 and C150 cabinets and chambers have a rotation table, and can test tags or tagged items from four antenna angles. These cabinets are compatibe with the ARC and TIPP measurements. For bigger items a bigger chamber is needed.

Available add-ons:

  • Antenna assemblies with quick release mount and easy 90 degree polarization change
  • Automated tag rotation system with adjustable RF friendly tag platform

RFID Measurement Cabinet

The standard cabinet, with external dimensions of 120 x 80 x 80 cm, allows rotation of objects weighing up to 10 kg.

Tagged Item Grading Cabinet and Chambers

Tagged-Item Grading Systems are solutions for measuring tagged item performance. In the tests, tagged item performance is measured with four antenna angles and several rotation table angles. Threshold power and backscatter signal strength are measured. There are three versions of the system for 50 cm (C50 Cabinet), 100 cm (C100 Chamber), and 150 cm (C150 Chamber) measurement distances.

Download the Tagformance Pro Catalogue for more details.

Download the Tagformance Pro Catalogue

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