Test Standard

RED is the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU, and it applies to all radio equipment that’s used in Europe. The directive aims at utilizing the limited frequency spectrum that we have at the maximum benefit to those utilizing the spectrum according to regulations. This means various radio systems can co-exist, can be relied on, and don’t put the health of users at risk. Read more in our blog.

Test Setup

Voyantic Tagformance with the ETSI RED Test kit supports multiple test setups.

  • Test can be made with and without High Power Kit.
  • Test can be made with one or two antenna configurations.

The chamber size and distance between tag and antenna define which setup should be used.

Tutorial Video

ETSI RED Test Kit components

  • Wideband antenna with cabinet mount
  • 1.8 m N-SMA RF cable
  • Directional coupler
  • 35 cm N-N RF cable
  • N-SMAf adapter
  • 6 dB attenuator
  • Spectrum analyzer with USB3 cable
  • Trigger wire from Spectrum Analyzer to Tagformance

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Learn more about UHF RFID Tag CE Certification - ETSI RED Test

Download our application note “UHF RFID Tag CE Certification - ETSI RED Test” to learn how to perform the test!

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