RFID Immunity Test System

Test Standard

AIM, the worldwide industry association for the automatic identification industry, has released a standard Medical Electrical Equipment and System Electromagnetic Immunity Test for Exposure to RFID Readers. The AIM standard 7351731 provides specialized guidance on the testing of non-implantable medical devices to determine if they are immune to emissions from radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. The standard requires medical electrical devices to be tested for Immunity against RFID readers with multiple frequencies from 134.2 kHz to 2.45 GHz.

Voyantic Immunity Test System

The Voyantic RFID Immunity Interface is an easy way to enable a test laboratory to perform the immunity tests. The same system can be used in medical equipment development for in-house RF immunity tests against RFID readers.

Voyantic approach is based on utilizing EMC test hardware existing in a test lab, and only adding software component for enabling the RFID Immunity testing. Main components of the complete test system are:

The test software creates RFID command waveforms defined in AIM standard. The waveforms are transmitted with VSG through amplifier and antenna to create required field strength at the EUT position. The functionality corresponds to a software defined radio or an equivalent RFID conformance test system as described in the AIM standard. The system is compatible with conventional RF test equipment such as amplifiers, Helmholtz, or other radiating antenna and anechoic or semi-anechoic chambers.

Voyantic RFID Immunity Interface test software
Medical Device Immunity Test Arrangement and Voyantic Immunity Test System as a part of the test arrangement

The Medical Device Immunity Test software (Voyantic RFID Immunity Interface) is a PC software that can be used with several common Vector Signal Generator (VSG) models with an Ethernet connection. It is designed to be device-independent.

The test software can generate all signals defined in the AIM standard:

The standard can be purchased here: AIM 7351731 Med Electrical Equip & Sys Electro Immunity Test for RFID Readers

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