Voyantic Readformance™ is a tool for evaluating the functionality and performance of RAIN RFID readers in reader development and selection. The system enables verifying the transmit power and determining the sensitivity of readers, both conductively and in the radiated field. All these functionalities are controlled with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Together with the Protocol Analyzer the system brings visibility to the communication between the reader and a tag.

The RAIN Alliance has published a recommendation on how to test the RFID reader sensitivity. Voyantic has been participating in the development of RAIN RFID reader sensitivity testing document. Voyantic Readformance is compatible with the proposed test methods. If you are interested in learning more about the test methods and their background, we are happy to help you at sales@voyantic.com.

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Learn in detail how the Voyantic Readformance reader tester can improve the efficiency of your organization!

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Reader Testing Service & Test Equipment

If you are interested in having your reader tested, please contact the Voyantic Sales. In case you would like to have a test system at continuous use, please contact sales@voyantic.com.

Use the Readformance to:

  • Measure the transmit power
  • Determine the reader sensitivity
  • Perform both conductive (readers with antenna connectors) and radiated field (readers with integrated antennas) measurements
  • Monitor and analyze the communication between the reader and a tag.


  • Get accurate reader performance data
  • Benchmark different readers easily
  • See details of the reader to tag communication
  • Troubleshoot RFID systems
  • Make a quick and easy analysis of differences between hardware or firmware revisions
  • Use the same system in R&D and production.

Application Note

Learn How to Test RAIN RFID Reader Performance

Download our application note “Testing RAIN RFID Reader Performance with Voyantic Readformance” to learn how easy it is to test the sensitivity of a reader!

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Download the pdf brochure to learn more about Readformance features and specifications.

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