Webinar: The Many Faces of Eco-friendly Tagging - Panel Discussion
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What makes RAIN RFID tagging eco-friendly anyway?

Date: Thursday, May 27, 2021
Time: 1-2 pm CEST (Berlin / Paris) / 7-8 pm SGT (Singapore)

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In this webinar, the expert panelists wrap their heads around the eco-aspects of RAIN RFID tagging. The varying life cycles of traceable items pose different requirements, depending on whether the items are consumables, garments or reusable assets. Tagging methods and materials are evolving to become more sustainable, but what are the implications - is eco-friendly tagging more expensive, somehow more complicated, perhaps less performing or less durable?

Topics include:

  • What makes RAIN RFID tagging eco-friendly?
  • Current market situation
  • Practical considerations for sustainable tagging
  • Aspects of eco-friendliness

Webinar Host

Juho Partanen
Director of Business Development, Co-founder, Voyantic

Juho is the co-founder of Voyantic and has 20 years of experience in RFID. Working currently as the Director of Business Development, he combines technical, business and communication aspects to make RAIN technology easier to utilize across end user industries. As a true believer in the RAIN technology, he has been driving strategic initiatives and industry collaboration in ISO, GS1 and the RAIN Alliance.

Sipi Savolainen
Sales Manager, Tags, Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging

Sipi has been part of the RFID industry since 2002 - now specializing in developing the market for sustainable and eco-friendly ECO RFID tags.

Jerome Lemay
Process leader in charge of the tag and manufacturing RFID solution at Decathlon.

Jerome has been working on the RFID technology since 2010 as Source tagging project leader and now focuses on the improvement of the RFID solution for product tagging, factory efficiency and circular economy project with the Decathlon RFID Process team.

Emmanuel ARENE
Chairman & CEO, Primo1D

Emmanuel has more than 30 years of experience in industrialization of innovative semiconductor technologies, and leadership of international businesses. He has worked with large corporations such as IBM, and in French start-up development, notably at Soitec where he worked for 15 years as VP Operations, CEO of the Singapore branch and as head of the Photovoltaic Business Unit. He co-founded Primo1D in 2013, and is CEO and Chairman of The Board of the company.

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