We Are Coming to Shenzhen IOTE 2019!
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Voyantic will be exhibiting at the Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition - the biggest and most comprehensive IoT event in Asia - in Shenzhen, China, on July 30th - August 1st. We would be pleased to meet you or your colleagues at the Voyantic & Hwa-Tech booth #1A193! There will also be a speech by Voyantic at 14:20 on July 30th, 2019.

At the Shenzhen IOTE we will present our trusted RFID measurement and testing solutions:

Tagformance Pro + ETSI RED Test Kit. Tagformance is the tool for tag comparison and selection. It shows how your system works without expensive and time-consuming field tests. This year, we are proud to present ETSI RED test kit for Tagsurance Pro.

Tagsurance Tester, available for both UHF and HF, is essential for quality testing in RFID tag manufacturing. With Tagsurance you can ensure that each tag you receive works properly. This is a fundamental factor in a faultless RFID system.

What’s New?

European Union has announced a new regulation regarding passive UHF RFID tags. Passive UHF RFID tags imported to or used in the European Union area need to comply with Radio Equipment Directive (RED) requirements. Voyantic Tagformance Pro is a tag test system widely used by tag manufacturers. As a new development, Voyantic has added the ETSI RED testing to Tagformance SW. With the Tagfromance SW v11 the tag designers can easily and quickly ensure compliance with RED.

Voantic Tagformance SW v.11 implements both backscatter and unwanted emission tests described in the directive and related standards. The results are easy to interpret and with the Tagformance software and test results anyone can quickly create certificate and documentation required.

The Tagformance SW v.11 is a highly recommended upgrade for anyone selling RFID tags to EU. The SW feature is an example of Voyantic’s continuous development supporting tag designers overall business beyond initial system purchase. With the new SW version sales to EU can be continued without break.

See more at our booth!

Vote for Tagformance Pro + ETSI RED Test at the Gold Awards

Voting link: pay.iotexpo.com.cn/IOTEVoteView.aspx?id=1359

In order to vote, click the button that says “人气值 2126” at the bottom of the page. At the moment Voyantic is ranked 12th among 127 companies.

Voting is open until July 10, 2019!

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