Voyantic Will Supply Advanced Quality Control Solutions to Siltech Group
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On May 29, 2019, at the V International Auto-ID & Mobility Forum in Moscow, an agreement was signed between the Russian distributor of Voyantic equipment Sarus Technology and the Russian manufacturer of packaged RFID tags Alfa-Siltech (Siltech Group) for the supply of advanced quality control solutions.

Siltech Group specializes in the design and manufacture of RFID tags for special applications and RFID seals. Products of Siltech Group, manufactured at its own production plant in the city of Dmitrov, are intended for use in logistics, manufacturing, banking sectors, and more.

As part of the contract, Sarus Technology, the Russian distributor of RFID equipment, will supply Voyantic Tagformance™ Pro and Voyantic Tagsurance™ installations to the Alfa-Siltech manufacturing plant to monitor the quality of the design and production of RFID tags.

Voyantic Tagformance™ Pro is a universal device for testing and measuring RAIN RFID, HF RFID and NFC, the main functions include: verification of tuning and sensitivity of RFID and NFC tags; study of the influence of materials, orientation and tag proximity; determination of optimal tagging methods; quantitative comparison of different tags; optimization of RFID installations; analysis of tag memory and chip performance; evaluation of finished products for reliability and reading distance.

Voyantic Tagsurance™ is a system for testing and measuring UHF RFID tags for controlling the quality of a tag during production, testing performance over a wide frequency range.

“At Voyantic we look forward to working with Siltech Group and support them in the RFID tag manufacturing operations. Together with Sarus Technology, we are committed to supporting Siltech in the long term. Our goal is not only to supply the test systems but to ensure that our customers get the full benefit from the Voyantic test systems.” Teemu Ainasoja, Voyantic Sales Director.

“Our company develops and manufactures customized RFID tags for individual designs in accordance with the needs of the customer. The engineering cycle from development to production of a prototype is only three weeks. In any RFID system, the tag is the most important element, and the quality of the system as a whole depends on the tag quality. Voyantic advanced solutions will allow us to provide high-quality products. ”, said Olga Ivanova, Deputy General Director of Alfa-Siltech Production Enterprise.

Dmitry Artemiev, CEO of Sarus Technology, commented: “The choice of Voyantic solutions speaks about Siltech’s unconditional attention to the development and quality control processes of the manufactured products. Installing Voyantic equipment in production allows one to perform in-depth testing of manufactured, packaged RFID tags, which means that the customer, by selecting products, quality of which was checked by Voyantic, can be confident in the stability of their RFID systems.”

About Voyantic Ltd.
Voyantic is the global leader in performance measurement solutions for RFID. The company provides laboratory measurement systems and production quality testers for RFID tags and readers. The company has delivered globally over 350 testing solutions for RFID manufacturers, system suppliers, RFID users and research organizations.

About Siltech Group
Siltech Group designs and manufactures encased RFID tags from 2018 on its own production in the city of Dmitrov, including special solutions for accounting objects in logistics and manufacturing, valuable breeds, wood, livestock, etc., and also introduces automated solutions for accounting of values ​​and prevention of theft, including using RFID-technology.

About Sarus Technology
Sarus Technology is a specialized RFID distributor solutions specializing in the supply of leading European technology manufacturers to the markets of Russia and the CIS. In the Sarus Technology team, specialists with more than 15 years of experience in the international and Russian IT markets making. With a network of partners and representatives in various regions, Sarus Technology helps with the selection of solution components for complex RFID integration projects.

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