See You at RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2019!
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Voyantic will be exhibiting at the RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2019 - Europe’s largest show for RFID and wireless technologies - in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany, on October 29th to 30th. Read below why it makes sense for you to stop by at the Voyantic booth #47! Register here.

At the show, we will especially showcase our Tagformance Pro, the all-in-one test and measurement solution for RAIN RFID, HF RFID and NFC. Come see why it is the number one choice the industry uses!

What’s New?

As many already know, Tagformance Pro is the tool for tag comparison and selection. It shows how your system works without expensive and time-consuming field tests. The Tagformance SW v.11 is recently released and a highly recommended upgrade for anyone selling RFID tags to EU. Comparison of tag backscatter and emissions against ETSI RED standard criteria feature is an example of Voyantic’s continuous development supporting tag designers overall business beyond initial system purchase. With the new update to Tagformance Pro sales to EU can be continued without interruption!

Don’t Miss Our Session

Juho Partanen, Business Development Director, co-founder, Voyantic will be speaking about the Evolution of RAIN RFID Value Chain from 2008 to 2018. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this presentation on October 30th, at 15:25. Add the event to your calendar.

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