New Tagsurance HF Brings Label Quality Control to HF and Dual Frequency Tags
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Voyantic Tagsurance production testing and measurement system is the equipment to assure that the production quality of RFID labels corresponds to the designed quality. It is used not only for checking that the RFID labels are functional, but also for measuring and verifying that the RF performance level is sufficient.

This is done with a set of protocol based communication tests on a wide frequency range, yet on production compatible speed. The Tagsurance test equipment is now available for both HF and UHF. The user interface allows operating them seamlessly together, even for testing dual frequency tags.

Tagsurance HF is designed to comply with various high speed processes. Testing is optimized based on the time available in the process. The well-considered software and signal interfaces allow integration to process machines and offline test platforms.

Traditional reader based testing is limited to a single frequency. The frequency of interest is often different, as the resonance frequency of the HF/NFC tag is typically set above 13.56MHz in free air. Tagsurance HF enables testing the tag even on multiple frequencies throughout its operational band using frequencies from 10MHz to 30MHz.

Accurate power output combined with the Voyantic Snoop Pro HF antenna, optimized for testing HF tags inline and even in high speed movement, allows defining precise acceptance criteria and achieving stable quality.

The all new Tagsurance HF

  • is designed to comply with various high speed processes
  • has well-considered software and signal interfaces, allowing integration to process machines and offline test platforms
  • is your tool for ensuring the quality of your HF RFID and NFC tags.

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