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Senior Full Stack Developer

The RFID industry is booming and the technology covering more and more ground with applications ranging from retail and logistics to management of pharmaceuticals, tracking athletes, and linking people with information. 29 billion RAIN ICs were delivered in 2021, the total number of tags deployed to 112 billion by end of 2022, and NFC smart items becoming everyday technology applied everywhere. There’s a growing demand for performance verification at each stage of the value chain, and Voyantic seeks to serve the industry by providing expertise and the testing solutions needed to make sure every tag works right.

For the past 15 years, Voyantic has focused on test systems and developing a sustainable testing methodology for the industry’s needs. We’ve managed to grow a wide footprint in the industry and today our test systems are being used by all the leading RFID tag providers globally. Now, we’re looking to connect our system to the cloud and extend the products with web services. In addition to better user experience, we want to provide more use for the valuable test data provided by our test systems and enable using the information to support decision-making also at the outside of testing labs. The work has already started, but to accelerate and keep making sustainable progress

We’re looking for an experienced full-stack developer to join our team.

We’re currently setting up the data sharing backend in AWS with a contractor, working to enable direct cloud connectivity for our test systems to later provide e.g., automatic updates, diagnostics, and piloting associated product concepts with customers. There’s quite a lot going on and we need a person who’s hands-on, capable of contributing to the projects from day one, and able to take upon a leading developer role. The new member is expected to take part in the development work on a wide scale, contribute to the product design, and help the team to build and grow the capability to take over the development and maintenance of the services. Being a seasoned veteran is not required, but a strong background with relevant technologies, the right mindset, and the capability to learn and grasp new things are necessary to be able to successfully take upon the challenge.

What does it take

  • Experience with NodeJS, REST APIs, React, AWS Services, CI, TA
  • Inclination to mentor team members and guide larger technical decisions
  • Self-guiding and ambitious with performance and quality of the services provided
  • Motivated to work with products at an early stage in the development to bring them into production
  • Extra karma points for following
  • AWS services: Lambda, API GW, IoT, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, CDK, CloudFormation, CloudWatch
  • K3S, ExpressJS, GraphQL, OAuth2, Time Series DB, MongoDB, Jest, Jenkins
  • Experience in service design and capability to interact directly with customers when needed

What we provide is

  • An opportunity to join the project at an early stage, where you’ll have a strong influence on the products developed all the way from design to implementation, and deployed high-quality products
  • Versatile working tasks and the possibility to develop and grow your responsibilities according to your personal traits and capabilities.
  • Great Place to Work atmosphere with a friendly, motivated, and collaborative team of experts, who will provide the necessary expertise for the existing products and are eager to start extending the products with the new services with you
  • Total Reward Package including Performance Bonus Scheme, Phone and Edenred Benefits, Comprehensive healthcare and insurance as well as Personal Development opportunities.

Ways of working

  • Our teams work in a flexible hybrid model that supports a blend of in-office, remote, and on-the-go workers. Work time is flexible with an emphasis on work-life balance
  • We are relocating from our Espoo Headquarter to the newly renovated TakomoBase office in Pitäjänmäki by the end of 2022

Want to know more?

Contact our recruiting team Antti Paukkunen (Director, Design & Deployment solutions) & Jennie Laine (People & Culture Specialist), or contact the hiring manager Antti (+358468103306) by phone.

How to Apply?

Send your CV and application to