Why RFID Quality Matters

Reliable and cost-efficient RFID systems are based on tags and readers that are well designed and perform consistently. Different applications require different properties from tags – and being able to make the right kind of tag for the right purpose is a definite competitive advantage. Doing this professionally and with fast time to market is the key to your company’s profitability.

Long-term success in the market requires repeatedly supplying the promised quality to the customer. Instead of spending years in trial and error, this can be achieved fastest with true visibility to the performance of the manufactured tags. Stable, documented, and proven quality of every single tag you manufacture leaves no doubt to your customer.

Voyantic enables RFID companies to develop innovative and high quality RFID tag and reader solutions by supplying them with user friendly test and measurement equipment. We supply tag manufacturers reliable high-speed production testers enabling high quality production with traceability. Local machine manufacturers have been able to enhance the functionality and competitiveness of their converting machines by integration of our in-line testers. As a result, our customers’ RFID tags have been extremely competitive both in domestic markets and internationally.