Who We Are

Voyantic mission is to help companies to excel in RFID.

Voyantic, established in 2004 in Finland, is the leading global provider of RFID measurement, testing, and encoding solutions, designed to speed up development, improve production quality, and increase sales of RFID technology. That is why practically all of the leading RFID technology providers use our equipment in their R&D, production, or both.

We are pioneers in RFID Performance testing. Voyantic personnel has decades of experience in RFID technology, RF design, and measurement equipment. Our customers gain the full benefits of this experience through our measurement systems. We are better than anyone else in the world in packaging complex RF measurements into easy-to-use tools for the RFID industry. We make sure our customers get the right solutions that stay up-to-date with new requirements, standards, and regulations.

We have a proven track record with hundreds of solutions delivered to our customers in over 30 countries around the world. Our extensive distributor network provides local sales and support. Our Tagformance system is the industry de-facto standard in RFID performance measurements, used by the leading tag manufacturers, tag designers, system integrators, research institutes, and test centers. Our newer products - Tagsurance, Readformance, Reelsurance, and Bendurance - also have a well-established market.

Why RFID Quality Matters?

The RFID industry has evolved. The RAIN RFID alliance was started, and the RFID boom has turned into robust double-digit growth with billions and billions of tags manufactured every year. RFID use has expanded from original retail hype to numerous industries and countless applications. Behind all of these is the simple promise of RFID. RAIN RFID and NFC can be used to identify, count, and track objects fast and reliably. That is only possible if the right components are used in each place, and each component is of good quality. Voyantic has maintained the original idea to build the highest level RFID expert team and use that to deliver tools for the RFID industry.

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