Noora Honkala Sponsorship

Noora Honkala is a Finnish ultrarunner. Noora has run Spartathlon three times, first in 2014 as the youngest woman of all time. Voyantic sponsors the athlete since 2017. Noora lives and trains in Greece, however, she frequently visits the Voyantic office in Espoo to share her latest race results and plans.

Voyantic and Noora share the same dedication and passion

Noora builds her athletic career in ultra-distance running. It has taken her years of physical and mental training to compete on the world-class level. Imagine the amount of passion that has been required to exercise long-distance running throughout the year IN FINLAND. 

The Voyantic team is proud of the long-term commitment and dedication we have to our customers. Our market is very specific, and success requires joint efforts of experts in many fields of engineering. We thoroughly understand that most wins require diligent teamwork. This work spans over the years, and there are no shortcuts.

We admire Noora’s dedication, smiling stubbornness, and continuous hard work. We are excited to support Noora in a sport that is far from mainstream, and not enjoying monetary support from public sources. Together we are stronger.

Where does the road to greatness start?

For Noora Honkala, the preparations have started 2 years ago with the signing of a partnership agreement with Voyantic, followed by hours and hours of training. In 2017 Noora has set a Finnish National Record of 234,941 km in 24 hours.

Voyantic + Noora Honkala 2017-2019

Voyantic + Noora Honkala 2019 and beyond

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