Meet Our People

Jonas Eriksson - Research & Development

I’m an embedded software developer, working on everything between the user interface, architectural design, and hardware-specific drivers.

Something I really like is the influence that I and my solutions have on our products and projects. It’s really rewarding to see the things I’ve worked so hard on getting used and appreciated by colleagues and customers. It makes me motivated to do my very best and to think “How will this be used? Is this the best way of doing this? How can I make it even better?” Another thing that I enjoy is the way my own small projects are encouraged here. Right now, for example, I have this small servo-controlled robot arm on my desk that I spend some spare time on every now and then.

Teemu Ainasoja - Sales

I work at Voyantic sales. I regularly meet customers from all continents online and face-to-face. My task is to help the customers in defining RFID test solutions that are optimal for them. The customer organizations have different goals, issues, and situations; the sales at Voyantic is mainly technical consulting and educating about aspects of performance and quality in RFID. I have great support from the small but extremely talented and experienced team at Voyantic for solving any situation that comes up at the customer.

In my position, I am at the frontlines of a rapidly growing and continuously developing technology and business area. I enjoy being in a position where I have a good overview of the entire technology area and can assist RFID companies and the RFID industry to improve and develop. I feel that I can have a positive impact on both customers and for Voyantic.

Lasse Saarinen - Customer Support & Projects

I am working at Voyantic technical support. In this position, I help customers to overcome any technical problem they may experience. To fulfill this task I get to work closely with R&D and product management. My work also includes online and face-to-face customer training, which is an excellent opportunity to meet customers personally. One of my responsibilities is to organize, perform and verify annual calibrations for the measurement devices Voyantic manufactures.

Working for Voyantic is interesting because as an international company I get to work with experts all over the world, not to mention my highly skilled colleagues. Secondly, as a global leader we are always following and even setting the latest trends of the industry. Voyantic being a small company is a workplace where I really get to extend my job description.