Academic and Industrial Collaboration

Voyantic has been actively following and supporting the development and growth of the UHF RFID industry since 2004. During the early days this work was best done by working directly with the leading academics and supporting the related work done by IEEE, for example. In fact, Voyantic is a proud sponsor of several IEEE TA events over the years in the USA and Europe, and we have also given speeches at seminars and lectures at numerous universities for under graduates and graduates alike. We have even directly sponsored certain reseach groups by funding their work and publishing their results for the international audience.

During the past few years we have seen several industry verticals move forward as common standards and methodologies arise to smoothen the way for large scale adoption of the RFID technology.

Today Voyantic is a member of the GS1 USA and thus actively supporting the adoption of RFID in the powerful retail sector and supply chains across North America. We are also among the first companies to join the RAIN alliance in 2014, and AIM Europe as well. Voyantic is a member of NFC Forum since 2018.

For more information about academic and industrial collaboration, please contact:

Voyantic Ltd. / Juho Partanen
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