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Tamarack Products – Inlay Insertion

Tamarack Products manufactures specialty equipment to affix materials to webs, labels, and cartons – to produce high-value forms and direct mail pieces, windowed folding carton and RFID labels, tags, and tickets. The Tamarack P300 RFID offers productive insertion of RFID inlays inline on label press. The easily scalable P300 RFID can be equipped for multi-lane production for high volume requirements. After inserting, a wide variety of options complete the label, ticket or tag, including inspection, encoding, and variable data printing.

The Voyantic Tagsurance can be easily integrated with the P300 RFID, providing inspection of RFID labels on multiple freely chosen frequencies. The Tagsurance not only checks that the RFID labels are functional but also measures and verifies that the RF performance level is sufficient.

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Mühlbauer – RFID Factory

For several years we have been solving the customer production quality issues by replacing their UHF tag functionality check with real quality assurance by performance testing. Our performance testing, combined with the Mühlbauer’s decades of experience in RFID related processes, has yielded superior integrated testing solutions.

Mühlbauer is the world-leading RFID machine manufacturer, with cutting edge technology competence. The company’s RFID Factory portfolio covers all manufacturing technologies. Together we are proudly offering the inline quality assurance of a new era for RFID manufacturing processes, now available for all Mühlbauer RFID Factory equipment from chip assembly to finalization.

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Impinj – Item Encode with Tagsurance

Voyantic Tagsurance®, combined with the Impinj Item Encode platform, allows implementing the performance testing as an integrated part of the personalization process. With this integrated system, the encoding is handled based on the performance test results. The Tagsurance communicates the test result with the tag ID in real-time to the Item Encode platform, which uses this information to proceed with the personalization process accordingly.

The Item Encode platform is implemented in various personalization and finishing applications, like for example the Mühlbauer PL 60000. The direct interface from Tagsurance to the Item Encode allows more straightforward overall system implementation and enables upgrading the system with the testing also afterward.

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BW Bielomatik – RFID Converting

BW Papersystems, the umbrella that already incorporated MarquipWardUnited, Kugler-Womako, Curioni, and Will-Pemco as some of the most influential brands for sheeting, packaging, corrugating, finishing and stationery industries, opened its doors to the paper processing group of Bielomatik in October 2015. To serve its customers best, two new brands were created: WillPemcoBielomatik serving the cut-size and folio-size paper sheeting and packaging industry and BW Bielomatik serving stationery, RFID and security documents industries.

The core segment of the BW Bielomatik RFID product line is converting machines which are capable of manufacturing products from reel to reel, reel to single ticket such as garment tags, up to folded products. The program includes further processes for all parts of the RFID value chain, e.g., personalization machines for RFID chip encoding. As a pioneer, BW Bielomatik develops innovations for high volume RFID label, ticket, and card production, including digital printing for serialized products.

To serve the RFID industry best and enable it to benefit from best-in-class inline performance testing, BW Bielomatik partnered with Voyantic. Voyantic Tagsurance systems for HF and UHF can now be integrated into BW Bielomatik machines.

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