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High Performance UHF Tags with Shorter Time to Market
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The majority of the UHF inlay designers have already come to realize that the right measurement solutions are the key factor for seeing all you need on the UHF inlay performance. There’s not much of those guys anymore, who run around with the tags, checking with a reader how far you can go until the tag can’t be read anymore. Not only is this kind of measurement inaccurate, but it also doesn’t give any indication of what kind of changes are necessary for the next iteration in the design. Now I’m happy to see the tag manufacturers are widely adopting the performance testing also in production quality assurance. So from design to production - why should you measure tag performance?

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Helping The Boss to Arrive at the Correct Decisions; In-house Selling of RAIN RFID Test Equipment
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Selling is a noble form of art, which takes slightly different forms when selling to a customer (out-house) or a colleague (in-house). Luckily both the directions go by the same principles. The twist, in general, is whether that special someone is already looking for a solution and is, therefore, on the buying mode, or not looking and even in the I-have-other-priorities-such-as-protecting-the-cash mode. Read more to learn how to successfully navigate the in-house sales process to reach the desired outcome!

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