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How to Improve Efficiency of the R&D Team in UHF Tag Design
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Being responsible for sales of RFID performance measurement solutions, I’ve had the privilege of meeting with several companies and their design professionals around the world using very different methods for measuring UHF tag performance. Which is the best method then? I’d say it depends on your requirements – for a single essential measurement, you may use various methods, and even a simple technique can be sufficient. However, if you are looking for a way to improve the throughput and efficiency of your R&D team in tag design, the differences in methods are enormous. So, where does the efficiency come from?

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Why UHF RFID Tag Developers Should Use Wide Band Performance Testing
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RFID reader frequencies are controlled by governments and limited to narrow frequency bands that vary around the world. When the performance of a UHF tag is evaluated, focusing only on the narrow reader frequency bands is misleading. I have seen in several RFID projects, how the tag performance in field conditions is different from what is expected, leading to delayed projects and expensive re-planning. Testing in a wide frequency band is needed to get the correct information about and excellent visibility into UHF RFID tag performance. Read more about wideband testing and what it reveals from UHF RFID tag performance!

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