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Sensors, Healthcare IoT and Pigeon Races – Review of RAIN RFID Research in 2017

Feb 02, 2018

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Following research activities of RFID is a nice way to keep up with the latest technology developments. Awareness of hot research topics also helps in anticipating the direction of commercial development and new product launches. Here is my take on the published RFID research in 2017. I have included short comments on the research topics, and a number of links to papers published in 2017 that have caught my attention – for one reason or another.

First, a disclaimer: the selection of the introduced research papers and overview is my own. Summaries of the articles are short and written from my personal perspective, the points I raise are not necessarily same as authors’ intentions. When the topic seems interesting, I recommend clicking the link and reading the whole article.

Sensor Tags

RFID sensors continue to be one of the main research areas. The topic is wide – there are a lot of parameters that can be sensed, and the ways to sense ambient conditions are vast. New materials provide new possibilities for sensing, and existing methods have been fine-tuned to solve specific problems.

Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare and wellness related sensor tag applications is a wide research area on its own. Research is aiming to fulfill the potential of RAIN RFID technology in healthcare. Amount of research related to RFID in healthcare is significant. I expect already growing RAIN RFID use in healthcare to grow even faster in the coming years.

The healthcare RFID sensor applications seem to fall into one of three application categories: implantable, partially implantable and wearable RFID sensors.

Printed Antennas and Tags

Research of printable antennas is in my opinion shifting from basics towards studying mass production possibilities and reliability, although new methods and ink types are also being studied.

Specialty Tags

Embedded and other specialty tags are a continuous and versatile project area. The amazing versatility of the research topics tells about the potential of the RAIN RFID technology, and about the world we live in. Here are some examples:

Contact us and let me hear what you think of the above studies! I would also be happy to guide you how Voyantic test systems can be used in various RFID research projects.

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