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Mar 15, 2022

Voyantic Introduces TagFinder Beta

The new database service connects RAIN RFID specifications with tag products

You probably consume AAA batteries every month, but have you ever visited the web pages of Varta, Duracell, Energizer, or Panasonic? No need whatsoever, right?

I admit that batteries and RAIN RFID tags may not be comparable products, but both are low-priced consumables and sold in billions of units annually. The difference is that batteries are easy to select and purchase, and RAIN RFID tags are neither. Read on to learn how that is about to change!

Learn from alkaline batteries

The battery industry is more than a 100-years old. IEC, ANSI, and JIS have created standards for the sizing and chemistry of batteries a long time ago. Consumers have been trained to ask for AA and AAA batteries. Availability and pricing of the products are good. This sets a benchmark for how things could be also within the RAIN RFID industry.

How easy could RAIN RFID tag selection be?

While RFID technology itself is already more than 70 years old, the RAIN RFID industry is far from a similar level of convenience to the battery industry. We do have a solid air-interface standard established, but that’s not quite enough to make the selection of RAIN components easy for everyone.

The practical readability of RAIN tags is also dependent on the label size, frequency tuning, substrate material, and the IC on the tag. To further complicate the early steps, also the sourcing of small quantities was deemed challenging in an experiment we did in 2020.

It is in our interest to make the fantastic RAIN technology and products easier for anyone to find and utilize. That is why we want to try something new for a change.

TagFinder service brings tag products and specifications together

We have built a database that includes all available RAIN tag ICs and an expanding selection of RAIN tags and labels. Now, solutions providers and end-users can search through that database to find suitable tags for their projects using the TagFinder search tool.

Try TagFinder now

TagFinder includes simple search filters that enable users to find tags based on tagging specifications and requirements. After creating a shortlist of options, users can contact the tag suppliers directly through the TagFinder tool, saving time in the sourcing process.  

In TagFinder, tags can be searched based on manufacturer, application, size, target material, read range, plus a range of other features. 

Try out the service free-of-charge!

We are thrilled to offer free access to a beta version of the TagFinder service. This is a learning experience for us as well, and your feedback and suggestions will enable us to improve the search tool and improve the content on the fly.

I recognize the need to further develop the tagging standards and guidelines that are out there. Hopefully, soon enough I will be able to share more news on that front as well.

Feb 22, 2022

Noora Honkala Sets Multiple Records at the Sparta City Ultra Race

Saturday, Feb 19, 2022, the city of Sparta in Greece witnessed a staggering performance by one of the best female ultrarunners in the world. Finnish ultrarunner Noora Honkala broke four national records in one single run. Her result was all time 3rd in the 12h race global rankings.

Voyantic has supported Noora in her professional athlete journey since 2017.

The first ever SPARTA CITY ULTRA took place in the Main Street of Sparta, on a two kilometer long loop track. A total of 88 runners participated in the 6h, 12h and 24h races.

Noora started fast by crossing the first marathon at 3:02, and the 50 km at 3:39.32, breaking her first national record. At the 6h mark she had reached 79.00 km, breaking another national record. Not slowing down she passed 100km mark with a time of 7:41.54 (another national record). At this point she was under the world record pace for 12h race. Unfortunately, closing at the 8h mark her stomach started to throw dark skies over her run, forcing her to stop for few times. She tried to keep up the pace but at the 10h mark her stomach forced her to slow down rapidly. Even so Noora held her “slow” pace to the end and finished at 145.400km in 12h — Breaking the 12h national record and putting her the third (3) best performance in all-time world ranking.

Whoever witnessed the race saw a spectacular performance and what ultrarunning is all about. There is plenty more to be seen from Noora!

Learn more about Voyantic’s cooperation with Noora ›

Feb 26, 2021

Voyantic Design Solution Update – Tagformance Pro UHF 13 and HF 3.2 Released

We have just released new software and firmware versions for Tagformance Pro UHF and HF. The new versions are available for download for existing customers with an active Support and Maintenance contract.

Tagformance Pro is the industry standard solution for RAIN RFID and NFC testing and measurement. The latest releases bring further improvements to measurement accuracy with the support for the new and RF-friendlier C50 and C100 cabinet rotation systems. The new version includes all the latest ARC categories, helping our customers reduce risk and save time with the complete ARC pre-compliance testing capability. The new versions also include several improvements to the system usability.

We continuously develop the Tagformance measurement and testing solution to ensure our customers are able to maintain high-quality standards with full visibility into tag performance and to gain a competitive edge with accurate data and tools that support the latest technology. Voyantic Tagformance is used in UHF and HF RFID tag design, deployment, item tagging, protocol testing, technical sales, and academic research.

Mar 18, 2020

A Message to Our Customers: Work Continues

To Our Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people and businesses around the world. Voyantic is putting the safety of our employees and customers first, as well as the safety of the people most vulnerable in our society. We have limited traveling, and most of us are working from home – we have only minimum personnel at the office.

Meanwhile, Voyantic is fully in business. We are fulfilling orders, making deliveries, and creating new solutions. We have been working hard to develop our supply chain to ensure that we can maintain our delivery times. Our technical team is also fully staffed, supporting customers every day.

We are doing our best to minimize the effects of the pandemic for your business, our business and to our employees.

Jukka Voutilainen, CEO

Nov 01, 2017

Voyantic and Ultra Runner Noora Honkala Starting Marketing Co-operation

Voyantic, the global leader in performance measurement solutions for RFID (radio frequency identification), is proud to announce that they have started marketing co-operation together with Noora Honkala, a 25-year-old Finnish ultra runner.

Ultramarathon, also called ultra running, is any long-distance running race longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometers. Despite of her young age compared to most ultra runners, Noora Honkala already holds the National record for both 12-hour and 24-hour running. She is also the youngest woman ever to finish Spartathlon, a 246-kilometer ultramarathon race held annually in Greece.

“The new co-operation with Voyantic enables my comprehensive and professional sports career. Ultra running is a very demanding sport and to succeed on it on top level, one needs to invest in it full time. Versatile practicing in good conditions is in key position.” explains Noora Honkala.
“Now I am able to plan long term and execute my season in the best possible way to succeed in my future goals; the World Championships of 100 kilometer running in 2018, and the World Championships of 24-hour running in 2019.” she rejoices.

“We are excited about the co-operation with Noora as we share the same values of long term commitment and dedication to reach ambitious targets. Another common factor for Noora in sports and for Voyantic in business is the importance of service and maintenance team to enable and ensure continuous high performance under any circumstances.” says Harri Tulimaa, Vice President of Sales at Voyantic.

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Aug 09, 2017

500th Voyantic RFID Test System Delivered to Datamars

Voyantic is the global leader in performance measurement solutions for RFID. The company started delivering Tagformance Laboratory measurement systems in 2007 and Tagsurance Production testers in 2011. Since then our systems have been delivered to 33 countries in 5 continents. Over the years the Voyantic offering has been extended from UHF to cover also HF/NFC frequencies and increased functionality for application testing, protocol analysis and encoding.

Voyantic is proud to announce that the company recently reached a remarkable milestone, when the 500th RFID test system produced by the company was delivered to Datamars SA. Datamars has made large use of both Voyantic lab equipment (Tagformance) and test production equipment (Tagsurance) since 2012.

During the last years, Datamars’ Laundrychips™ have continuously outperformed the market growth – especially after the introduction of UHF ones – thanks to constant innovation and systematic focus on quality that is widely recognized by the company’s customers. A fundamental contribution to Datamars transponders’ quality has been provided by Voyantic test equipment in both design and production phase (performance characterization and reliability tests).

“Thanks to the brilliant results we got, in the last years we kept on improving the performance of our tags and the reliability of our production lines, in order to face the new challenges coming from the market.” says Antonio Gallizzi, UHF Project Manager at Datamars. “Voyantic is a reference point in the RFID world and over the years they strengthened our ability to analyze both the tag design and the production quality control.”

During the design phase of Datamars products, Tagformance provided fundamental information (such as the transponder frequency response, both in single read and in bulk), thanks to which the company made right decisions regarding the new product up to the slightest detail. With Tagsurance systems Datamars can guarantee the electrical performances of 100% of its UHF products, with a clear advantage in terms of quality perception of the end user.

“We appreciate having had Datamars as our valued customer during the past 5 years. It has been a pleasure to see Datamars decisively investing in RFID quality and utilizing Voyantic solutions from tag design and performance verification all the way to high volume production testing” says Harri Tulimaa, Vice President of Sales at Voyantic.

The 500th Voyantic system was delivered to Datamars production facility in Thailand, where several Voyantic testers have been integrated in the production process. To celebrate this milestone, on June 27th 2017 Mr. Harri Tulimaa handed over a memento to the Datamars team in Lugano, Switzerland as a token of appreciation and dedication for RFID quality that both companies embrace and foster in their strategy and operations.

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Mar 20, 2017

Tagformance Pro Replaces Tagformance lite

Tagformance Pro was launched in 2015 with a target to cover all measurement capabilities and functionalities as in prior Tagformance lite product, but also providing a more powerful platform to build future development on. Since the launch date of Tagformance Pro, the product has proven itself to be a superior and more attractive tool for RFID measurements, that today meets and clearly exceeds the performance of its predecessor.

Today Voyantic announces end-of-life schedule for Tagformance lite as follows:

  • Last order date for Tagformance lite will be June 30th, 2017
  • Tagformance lite software updates are available until the end of 2019
  • Additional Tagformance lite software suites and commercial measurement functionalities available today, will be available for purchase until further notice and at least until the end of 2019
  • Maintenance programs for Tagformance lite continue to be available until further notice, but with a modified content starting 2020, as the software updates are not delivered after 2019
  • Support and service for Tagformance lite will continue until the end of 2022.

Voyantic offers the possibility for Tagformance lite users to replace their measurement device with Tagformance Pro at a campaign price. Please contact Voyantic sales or your local distributor for further information.

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