Assembling the Tagformance HF Distance Control Kit

Application Note

Published 4/2015
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1 Introduction

This application note describes the steps how to verify proper assembly of the Tagformance HF Distance Control Kit. In order to get reliable and repeatable measurement results, it is important to setup the Distance Control Kit carefully and to pay attention to the measurement environment.

2 Assembling the Distance Control Kit

2.1 C60 and C145 Antennas

The Tagformance HF antennas are delivered in a way that the C60 antenna is fitted inside the C145 antenna. This is also the recommended way to store the antennas if packed into the carrying case.

When the antenna is used for measurements, it is important to remove the C60 antenna from the C145 antenna. If antennas are together during measurements, it will affect the measurement results.

Figure 1. C145 and C60 antennas

2.2 Fitting the Distance Control Lifter Shaft to the Base Plate

First, verify that the bottom of the lifter shaft is on the same level as the bottom of the base plate i.e. both are against e.g. the table surface. Make sure that the lifter shaft is straight while tightening the finger screws. If the shaft is tilted or it is not on the same level as the base plate bottom, it will affect the accuracy of the distance control.

Connect the power cable to the connector above the LEDs, and the serial cable to the longer serial cable.

Figure 2. Shaft, base plate and cables

2.3 Leveling the Tag Holder Platform

Connect the tag holder to the Distance Control Kit lifter, and check that it goes to the bottom of the holder. Verify that there are no gap between the antenna and the platform when the measurement distance is set to the lowest position (7mm). If there is a gap between the antenna and the platform, try to minimize it by adjusting the level, using he screw on top of the tag holder. The optimal position is that the tag holder and the antenna are on the same level and the gap between is as small as possible.

Figure 3. Adjust to remove the gap

2.4 RF Cable Connectors

When the RF cable is connected, it is important to tighten the cable connectors properly. If the cable is loose on both or the other end, it will affect the measurement results. The optimal way to tighten the connectors is to use a torque wrench. For SMA connector 1Nm torque wrench is recommended.

Figure 4. SMA and N connectors

2.5 Environment

The Tagformance HF measurement system is intended to be used in a laboratory environment. Verify that only one tag is in the measurement field. Multiple tags may give false readings and affect the measurement results significantly. Also the antenna location may affect the measurement results, especially if there are large conductive or magnetic objects nearby the antenna. It is also good to avoid transmitting sources of interference.

Figure 5. The measurement environment