Brotech Graphic Equipment - RFID Converting and Offline Testing Solutions

Brotech Graphic Equipment has very quickly become one of the fastest growing label converting equipment manufacturers in the global market today. Brotech offers a wide array of converting equipment for every facet of the label industry such as RFID Testing and Converting, Digital Finishing, ECL Label Converting and Turret Rewinding.

Brotech builds their equipment based on what the customer requires, not always simply offering an off the shelf response. Providing exactly the equipment needed, combined with ease of operation, Brotech enables maximum production capability for the customer. Their equipment is simple where simplicity is ample and complex for those applications requiring cutting edge technology to answer the customer’s needs.

These capabilities allow Brotech to partner with Voyantic to address various RFID testing and manufacturing requirements, efficiently and cost effectively. Brotech can integrate the Voyantic Tagsurance RFID performance testing equipment into a wide product portfolio, and they also offer a dedicated testing platform, Eurotech RFID FS 330/420 for RFID performance testing.

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