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Voyantic Tagsurance UHF RFID production testing and measurement system is the equipment to assure that the production quality corresponds to the designed quality.

Key Functionalities:

  • Performance testing on a wide frequency range
  • Quality assurance with accurate and calibrated measurement device
  • Production compatible speed
  • Well considered integration interfaces.


  • 100% performance testing
  • Not just producing functional tags, but each and every one meeting the set specification
  • Analysis of production variance based on the tags’ threshold power levels
  • Real-time data for process monitoring.
RFID Tag Manufacturing - variance in production outcome
RFID Performance Testing - delivery with low variance

Performance Testing ≠ Functional Testing

Traditional reader based testing is limited to a narrow frequency range, with poor visibility to the tag quality. The frequency of interest in production testing is often different from the reader frequency, if the tag is tested on a roll, in near-field, and designed to be used on some material, that detunes the tag frequency response. Tagsurance enables testing the tag on multiple frequencies throughout its operational band using frequencies from 800MHz to 1100MHz.

Reliable Quality Assurance

Tagsurance is a measurement instrument with traceable chain of calibration. Accurate power output combined with the Voyantic Snoop Pro near-field coupling, allows defining precise acceptance criteria and achieving stable quality. The excellent correlation of the Snoop Pro near-field response to the far-field behaviour of the tag is essential to guarantee that each tag performs well also in the application.

Real-Time Quality Monitoring

In addition to screening out poor tags, the Tagsurance allows monitoring the quality in process by measuring the tags’ power threshold at set frequencies. Immediate feedback on process changes allows preventing failures. Getting better visibility to cause and effect of process variables speeds up troubleshooting and development work.

Production Compatibility

Tagsurance is designed to comply with various high speed processes without becoming the bottleneck. The testing is optimized based on the time available in the process. One verification test is executed in 5ms. The well considered software and signal interfaces allow integration to various process machines and offline test platforms.

Production Testing Solutions

The Tagsurance product family takes the accurate performance testing into production. Tagsurance solutions cover the production testing needs from manual testing to fully automated in process testing. Read more of our various Production Testing Solutions developed together with e.g. Mühlbauer and Impinj!
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