Tagged-Item Grading Suite

Tagged-Item Grading Suite

The Tagformance Tagged-I tem Grading Suite is 100% aligned with the GS1 Tagged-Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) concept and the related test methodology. The Tagformance system simplifies complex RF tests and brings high quality testing to the reach of anyone. Testing time is reduced to few minutes.

Automated test procedures, open file formats and clear reporting ensure that results are accurate and test data can be easily shared between retailers and their suppliers.

Tagged item grading returns clear information on which grades the tagged item passes. If one of the grades would be failed, the software allows easy access to the raw data, to check which particular test results did not meet the protocol specification.

Grade verification is a fast way to check if a tagged item passes or fails a specific selected grade.

Use Cases:

  • Check that the tagged item meets the TIPP grade requirement set
  • Analyze the weakest read angle and possible test that causes the tagged item to fail complying with the set grade requirement
  • Grade your tagged items, by defining exactly which TIPP grade it complies with