Performance Measurement Suite

Peformance Measurement

HF RFID / NFC performance testing is a repeatable way to test the tags. The system provides instant feedback on new tag designs, allowing quick prototyping and benchmarking. With professional test system right tag can be found to each application with minimal trial-and-error.

Tag sensitivity is measured with threshold sweep from 10 to 30 MHz. In addition to that, the magnetic field strength, load modulation and tuning can be measured, as well as read range with profiled reader devices. The working range test is used for comparing tag performance in practice. Typically the testing is done with active measurement using protocol, but also passive measurements are available.

Supported protocols include ISO 15693, ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, Sony Felica and
ISO 18000-3.

Use Cases:

  • Benchmark tags and tag designs
  • Visibility to tag performance
  • Cost-efficient tag selection